CSS Considerations with Text on Images

When you browse the internet, have you notice how many pictures each website have.

You might say that background images have always been used on websites. That is true, but the newer designs have taken a shift to accommodate more pictures, so that it can be well appreciated to the people. The imageries can also accommodate all devices and sizes of screen. The studies have shown that images can tell the stories more touchingly to a broader audience. To make your websites look prettier consult the professionals of web design Etobicoke immediately.

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How to Display Text over Image

Using images might not be very new, however, using text over them is something which is getting more attention. However, you need to take care of the readability of the text so that the image can deliver the full impact. You should not use white or light colored text on the image which is too bright. The brightness of the image will make the light colored text almost invisible to the viewer, which is not what you want.

The natural flow of the page also gets hampered if the readability of your text is low. Therefore, you should consult web design Etobicoke to make sure that all the texts over the images are properly readable. Here are some tips which can keep the visual appeal of the image and maintains the readability of the text.

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You can pick any image of your choice; however, the rule is that the image should be dark without any contrasting edges. You can take help of an image editing software to make them too bright image darken as required. You can take help of the web design Etobicoke to make the tinting of the image right.

White Text

This is the cleanest and simple type of text that you can use. If you want the message to be classy then using the white texts are the only way for you.

Full Page Image

Inserting texts on the image is mandatory in this case. It is a bit tricky, but with help of web design Etobicoke, you can easily make this possible for your website. It definitely makes your website look more sleek and stylish.

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Text in a Box

This is one of the most reliable types of designing. The process to achieve this look is however deadly simple. Find out a rectangle that is mildly transparent. On it write content with white texts. If the surface is opaque enough it will allow the texts remain legible on any type of images. You can assemble any type of color combination in this type of designing.

The way you should arrange the text on top of the image is entirely dependent on you. You should remember that the text on the image depends on the quality of the text that you are using. The contrast level of the text and the position of it on the web page are also important for the readability of the texts. However, if you face any problem, do not forget to consult the professionals of web design Etobicoke.


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